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The Complete Personal Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson 

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For all of Robert Louis Stevenson’s achievements in fiction, most famously Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, many of his contemporaries thought of him primarily as an essayist. His essays, known for their intellectual substance, emotional force, and stylistic vitality, were widely considered the best of their time. Despite the importance of Stevenson’s nonfiction, his personal essays—80 in total—have never been printed together in a single volume until now.


Stevenson explores a range of topics from illness and evolution to marriage and dreams, and from literal and literary travel to the behavior of children and the character of dogs in essays that are both playful and profound. Along the way, he outlines his own colorful life story from Scotland to Samoa and unique approach to “the art of living.”


Originally published by Routledge, The Complete Personal Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson, now in its second edition, has been expanded to include the best of his critical writing. This volume presents Stevenson’s essays, carefully restored to their authorized versions, along with an introduction and notes to assist in a rereading and reappreciation that is long overdue.

Phillip Lopate,

Editor of The Art of the Personal Essay and The Contemporary American Essay

"What a joy to get this complete edition of Stevenson's personal essays! In addition to the great ones all aficionados of the form know and love, there are many treats which show the freedom and flow of this master essayist's prose, as well as the capaciousness of his interests. Thanks to the intrepid digging and skillful assemblage of editor Trenton Olsen, lovers of belles lettres are enriched by this long-overdue and much appreciated collection."
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